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Schedule a CommLink Sign Language Interpreter today for your classroom, business, medical appointment, government office, or any other setting. Our team of licensed interpreters is dedicated to ensuring both hearing and d/Deaf individuals can communicate effectively.

Sign language interpreting is experiencing an increase in demand across a number of industries, including medicine and education. CommLink is dedicated to effectively, accurately, and impartially interpreting what is being communicated. We employ nationally certified (RID) and/or state verified interpreters* with appropriate experience in:

  • American Sign Language (ASL)

  • Manually Coded English

  • Oral Interpreting

  • Deaf/Relay Interpreting

  • Deaf/Blind Interpreting


Interpreters make it possible for both hearing and d/Deaf individuals to participate fully and equally in discussions. CommLink provides qualified, professional interpreters that facilitate communication at meetings and other events such as:  

  • Educational activities

  • Meetings and counseling sessions

  • Presentations and performances

  • Legal meetings

  • Medical appointments


*All CommLink interpreters have Wisconsin's Interpreter Licenses.