Our Mission

CommLink interpreters work everyday to ensure accurate communication. We are committed to providing ethical and professional services to all of our clients. 

our interpreters

Each of our interpreters has a deep respect for their clients, their work, and their duty as interpreters. We strive each day to positively impact the lives of each person we work with and to better serve our community. Our interpreters are licensed professionals with years of education and experience. 

Our Commitment to the community 

As a division of HEAR Wisconsin, a nonprofit that has served the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community for over 90 years, all proceeds from our business are reinvested to provide services for children and families with hearing loss. The Kellogg Child & Family Program at HEAR Wisconsin provides resources and expertise through a variety of programs run by Speech Language Pathologists and Teachers for the Deaf. Learn more at www.hearwi.org