Meet Our Team

We have a great team of professional sign language interpreters dedicated to making sure both hearing and d/Deaf individuals can communicate fully and equally.



I lost my hearing at the age of 7, and got my first hearing aid when I was 14.  Because of my deaf sister, sign language was a natural form of communication at home.  For 32 years, I taught deaf children at three residential schools: the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind, and the California School for the Deaf- Riverside. Several of those years were as a Principal for middle school students.

After retiring from teaching, I decided to become an ASL interpreter! The two professions are very different, yet similar in many ways.  In 2007, I completed my studies and became an interpreter for CommunicationLink. In 2012, I became the Manager.  I love interpreting and have a passion to help others! CommunicationLink truly has the passion to help others, not only deaf clients, but also those hearing individuals who request our service! It truly is a great job!



Over the years, I have enjoyed learning ASL and associating with members of the Deaf community.  They have graciously shared their language and culture with me.  Now, I am honored to show my appreciation by serving their communication needs.



I began working in the CommunicationLink office in 2002 while completing the ITP at MATC. I then worked out in the field for many years and am currently back in the office. It has been very insightful to see the full interpreting process both hands on and behind the scenes. I enjoy working with our clients and consumers and am grateful to be part of the CommunicationLink team!